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go to the head of the line!

2012-06-04 - 7:46 p.m.

In response to a flyertalk question about what people hated most about standing in airport lines, I wrote this:

What I hate about airport lines in particular is ignorance and prejudice. If I'm flying First/Business, yes, I'm ahead of you in line. And I'm tired of bigots yelling at me that I'm breaking the line. As for those people who are upset about Elites jumping the line, guess what. As an Elite, it is my right to jump the line. At least that's the case as a Delta Gold. Horrible, rude, ignorant people who just assume that everyone is a loser like themselves and they start yelling because I go to the head of the line...I can't believe that there are many flyertalkers who do this yelling. But, reading this thread, there are clearly more ignorant people around than I realized. You really don't know that Elites have line-jumping privileges in many, many circumstances? REALLY? Why do I find that difficult to believe?

I get yelled at by ignorant busybody middle-aged women all the time. Since I am a middle-aged woman, they assume I'm a no-status too. It's just plain rude to make that kind of assumption based on my looks.

I usually just ignore them and save the explanations for any genuine airline/airport staff who have questions about my status or whether I'm in first/business. I understand that I don't look like any well-heeled fashion model. But when a busybody starts yelling, I just ignore them. Most of the time. Have to admit that I recently lost my temper and yelled right back at one such busybody, "I'm in first class. I'm ahead of you. Get over it!" Boy, did that clear some silence.

People who have earned the right to break in line should go ahead and do so. Please don't pander to ignorant, prejudiced people who think only old white guys in suits should be able to jump the line. Elites come in all flavors. If I ever saw one of these busybodies tell a guy in a suit to go to the back of the line, I would feel differently, but the fact is...they yell at me, they don't yell at suits. It's cheap to bully a petite middle-aged woman. I refuse such bullies. If you are really worried about line jumpers, speak first to the (many) tall guys in suits that also go to the head of the line. Oh, that's different because they're guys so they might be important...!

So that's what I hate most. Exposure to human prejudice. I already know that many humans are bigots, especially against people who are smaller and weaker than themselves. I don't need new proof.

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