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octopus balls and giant golden sperm

2012-10-26 - 6:47 a.m.


story pagoda of asakusa
all photos © by elaine radford
5 story pagoda of asakusa

The cool plan to rest in the late afternoon and go out at night worked to a certain extent, allowing me to have the energy to actually go out on Thursday night. However, I still woke at 4 A.M. when Jupiter peeked in the window. Didn't see any moons naked-eye this time, but Jupiter itself was bright enough.

temple at asakusa

Headed out for Asakusa today. I thought it might be difficult because it involved two different rail systems -- JR, which is the one I've been using, and Metro. However, in the event, it was pretty easy, and I got to the temple complex before the hordes. More pagodas, shrines, ancient giant lanterns, stone and bronze statues, and lucky/atmospheric hoo-hah than you can shake a stick at. Apparently, I took 183 photos, but don't worry. I won't subject you to all 183.

despite this sign, all the others advised 

strongly against feeding the pigeons

I planned to try the octopus balls but whatever I got, it wasn't octopus. It was something sweet and sticky. Only one crumb fell, and I was tackled from both sides by a Tree Sparrow and a Feral Pigeon. The pigeon won. Thus energized, I strolled down to the riverfront, which is famous for the skytree and, also, for the Asahi beer building complex with the main building that is supposed to resemble a mug of beer with foam on the top -- and a side building boasting what the Tokyo government brochure tactfully refers to as "a golden object." It's a sperm. Don't ask me why. I have no clue. Maybe beer builds sperm, who knows.

asahi buildings and sky tree
world famous asahi beer headquarters and the skytree

I had lunch in another atmospheric noodle shop. It was called something else, but they were having roughly the same spicy sesame noodle soup special as the other place. Maybe spicy sesame is in season.

building with giant cups on it
a building on kappabashi street

I then found the Kappabashi street, where the restaurant supply stores are located, and where apparently all tourists are expected to go and take photos of same. Sheesh. That's a long street. In theory, you are expected to photograph the "replica" plastic food that they have out for sale, but for every store full of plastic replicas, there are 20 or 30 filled with cups and soup bowls. I'm just sayin.

tastes like chicken
my little joke about this kappabashi street building is tastes like chicken

Wonderful night views from the 45th floor of the Tokyo Government Observatory. Then back to Kabukicho for another episode of Hooker, Hooker Costume, Halloween Come Early, or Just Another Friday Night in short shorts, black fishnets, and high heel brown suede ankle boots? Judging from the crowds in the costume shop, the real weirdness has just begun, because Halloween has not yet been finalized...

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