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weeks bay

2012-10-06 - 4:22 p.m.

weeks bay, alabama
2012 by elaine radford

Today we took the boat tour of Weeks Bay. Beautiful light on the estuary. Great views of the adult Bald Eagle sitting near the nest, as well as various Ospreys with or without fish. As we walked up to the boat, I noted an Osprey that flew in to perch on a dead snag. That individual had an extremely distended crop. It looked like a little round balloon sticking out. There was also a large collection of Red-headed Woodpeckers, as well as a few Red-bellieds. Can't think of any new birds that joined the list, though. It was great weather, maybe a little too great, because there was no reason for any migrants to make a stop.

Lunch at the Gumbo Shack, where I had a Mudslide made with ice cream and a bowl of the delicious gumbo.

We strolled the art fair and the bird expo after lunch. However, I was disappointed in my quest for a new strap for my binoculars. They didn't have any optics sellers at all. It was all art glass hummingbird feeders.

Some cute rescue birds on display, particularly a tiny owl with big ears. I'm hoping the photo came out.

Went back and took a swim which has made me very sleepy.

rescue screech owl
2012 by elaine radford

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