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one of those regularly scheduled rants

2015-12-19 - 11:10 a.m.

It is time for a peachfront personal rant. No one else needs to read this entry. Proceed at your own risk.


Stupid headline of the day-- of the year, probably: 10 Reasons Millennials Spend More Than They Earn.

There's one reason. One. Jobs don't pay enough. The people in my generation who could do math gave up on having kids. The millennials upped the ante by also giving up on having cars and homes. What do you give up after that? Eating?

Nothing's going to change until people stop giving up the basics so that a billionaire can take all the cookies. A blogger used to be able to make a few extra bucks by having a blog. Now all that money goes to Zuckerburg because stupid people decided we should all go to a rich kid's site instead of to real people's blogs. And so on and so on. Jobs don't pay enough. And the extra that used to be in the economy has been taken away and given to the rich. The middle class has set up a circular firing squad instead of sticking together. It's nothing deeper than that. Until it's illegal worldwide for any individual man to hold billions, it's just going to keep getting worse.

On every level we see it... not just the guy who wanted to steal cheap medicines everybody donated money to develop so he could jack up the price & then sell it to people willing to beggar their families for the medicines so that only the sociopaths would survive. It ain't just him, although arresting him is certainly a good start. But it's a whole culture that tolerates people doing whatever it takes to get money. All of those guys. Like...the guy who wants to suck all of the public money we paid in taxes to NASA for his "private" space program. (Actually, there's more than one of those guys. There is no such thing as a private space program, OK? They are ALL piggybacking on stuff WE paid for.)

The thing is... nobody gets billions on their own. We pay the taxes, we donate to the charities, we provide the participation & the content... and a few bold thieves take the profits? I for one am sick of it. Clearly, our society doesn't have the political will to fix the problem. But I for one think we can at least stop glorifying those guys or pretending there's anything admirable about accumulating such large sums of money.

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