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sometimes it really is too late to matter

2015-01-09 - 8:34 a.m.

Now that limit hold 'em is an extinct game for any kind of stakes, a computer has solved the heads-up game. Who didn't see that coming? I could tell that all of our simulations were going to be a race to come to any kind of useful conclusion before it wasn't worth the bother...

Of course the meta-solution -- out and out cheating online, bigger rake and expenses for smaller games -- is what really killed the game for any kind of stakes. No wonder Phil Ivey moved on to playing with marked cards.

I sold a book on Amazon, the first sale of Make Room! Make Room! 2015. (That's the silly name of my plan to clear out 100 unneeded items in the house and yard.) I hadn't sold on Amazon in ages, but now I know why I haven't seen any good used book deals there lately. The shipping credit $3.99 is far below the real shipping price of $5.05, and the Amazon fee has soared from 99cents to $3.05! Are they kidding me? I would have just donated the book to clear the space if I'd known that. All told, I cleared 42 cents. Good thing I'm doing this for space, not money.

So far I've donated, recycled, or tossed 25 items this year, so the clearance is going pretty fast. But I could still use more shelf space.

I also finished the first small paid writing job this week. Otherwise, it has been pretty quiet.


Heh. Some lady published her erotic fanfic about "a bored housewife's...steamy fantasies" about an NFL player and she used an unauthorized photo of the fantasy object in question, causing the NFL to demand that Amazon remove the book -- and the news media to ask the player if he'd read it. (Of course not. Does any celeb other than Carl Barat -- if Carl Barat is a celeb -- read their own fanfic?) What happens next? Amazon has yanked the book on the grounds of copyright issues with the cover. It's a Kindle ebook, mind you. My guess is that she simply makes another cover and re-publishes, only with a much higher profile and the chance of making many more sales. Cha-ching!

I raise my coffee mug to you, horny football-player fantasist! Why didn't I think of that? Oh, and it's also highly inconvenient that my muse is not really famous. But I know I could write this stuff if I could crack how to market it. Heh.

Guys may laugh, but I think it's kinda cool that women are really getting out there now and making their own erotica. I think guys find it creepy that a lot of it is based on rich guys and famous guys and accomplished guys...but how is that any more creepy than erotica aimed at men, which is all based on youth and physical appearance? Everybody's a creep on this bus...


I'm opposed to the death penalty, mainly because we have a broken system that DNA has proved just kinda puts random unpopular people in prison for crimes, instead of solving crimes, but...watching this situation unfold in France really makes you see the other side. I'm surprised the younger killer turned himself in, since they have no death penalty and thus nothing to negotiate with. I mean, they already killed 2 police officers and like 10 other people -- it isn't like they're ever getting out.

The other evil-doers have apparently taken hostages. Ugh. What a mess. Seems like the police would be tempted to try to execute these evil-doers in the field, but I suppose they don't think like that over that. Europeans are all evolved and that. Peachfronts, I'm afraid, are primitive.


The French police have now killed the terrorists. Unfortunately, there were some hostages killed too. But I don't know what else else the police could have done.

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