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broken but unbowed

2003-01-16 - 4:33 p.m.

Quote of the day from The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, in an early scene set at a party for serial killers/mass murderers:

"I mean, we're amateurs against Prime Intellect. I killed six college students. It killed the whole universe. Not even in the same league."

Events of the day:

I decided that my grow lights were too high and that they were making my baby tomato plants too leggy. So I decided to lower them. So I accidentally dropped one end of the light fixture and bent the stem of my best baby basil plant. I repaired the stem with shipping tape and for now it's standing tall. Will keep my fingers crossed.


Let this be an internet hoax but...I think it's for real. My mom alerted me to the fact that she is snowed in and that bad weather might be coming my way. We had such a beautiful sunny day that I'm thinking, "Nahhhh." But then I checked to get my weather report, and they say that it might get to 21 degrees at my house on Friday night. Yikes! I brought some of the manageable tropical plants inside, cut down others that I'm confident will re-emerge in spring, and brought in the peachfronts and the Fischer's lovebird. The "neurotic" couple, Timmy and Sheldon, led me on a merry chase before I snared them with major BF assistance. The others were good. It isn't yet cold, and they probably don't know why the heck I'm pestering them and taking them away from their pleasant aviaries, but they're tolerating it so far.

There is a very large rubber tree in my bathtub since I couldn't find the bottom to its planter and I don't want to risk ruining my beautiful new floors installed by my talented BF. After I catch my breath from the aforementioned Timmy and Sheldon chasing, I will have to clean out the shower stall in the back bathroom so that it is suitable for human use. Double yikes. I much prefer decadent soaking in the bath to showers. But the rubber tree must be protected from the cold.


Back bathroom all clean. See, that wasn't so bad!

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