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2005-03-29 - 8:28 a.m.

All photos � 2005 by Elaine Radford

swallow-tail kite

I think it's probably going to take me a few days to edit my pictures and write up a complete trip report of our visit to Panama. The yard quietly transformed itself into a jungle while I was out of town.

It's worth mentioning that we volunteered to be bumped from the flight back, so we got an extra day in Panama City courtesy of the airline. We got free transportation to and from the hotel, free hotel, $12.50 per person per meal for three meals, and upgrades to better seats. I was moved to first class all the way instead of just on the IAH-MSY leg, and DH got aisle seats near the front, although there wasn't room to upgrade him to first as well. Oh, and we also got $300 apiece toward our next ticket on that airline. It was Easter Sunday, and the town was pretty quiet, so we spent the day on Easter buffet, rum (from the duty free shop) and soda, and a couple of dips in the rooftop pool, once by daylight and once at night.

We were also supposed to get a free $10 phone call back home to let the pet sitter know what was going on, but stupid me forgot to write down his phone number, so we just sent him an email on the computer somebody left running in the unmanned business center. He must have gotten the message all right, since we had a note that said he'd left the house about 30 minutes before we walked in the door.

We were hoping to get a second bump on Monday for further fun and profit, but alas there weren't any more opportunities. And so it's home sweet home to exercise my lazy parrot and actually get some work done around this place.

Hummingbird Report: The female/immature RTHU migration must have started while I was gone, because I just got one. Later: There's a full adult male out there too. What a beauty!

violet-bellied hummingbird in panama

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