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the fourth of chaos

2003-07-05 - 8:31 p.m.

When I returned home on Thursday, I learned that the tree guys had located the remaining two turtles under some debris they'd removed. Beauty and Spot II were both alive and unhurt, although Spot II kept looking backward and giving me the hairy eyeball of, "Haven't we been here before?" when I released them. You see, I'd released Spot II a few years before, when I decided that I'd somehow ended up with too many box turtles, and she'd returned only a few months ago to once again ride the free food gravy train. But, for the time being, I have to acknowledge that my yard is just not a safe place for box turtles. They are free to return when the work is finished, and I hope one or more of them do return.

Multiple CLECO guys showed up and impugned the intelligence and competence of other CLECO guys but, after all the blame was thrown around in various directions, the power was turned back on. Yay! We could have spent the weekend at D's sister M's house but we decided it would make more sense to stay here and just navigate around all the piled-up furniture and rainy places. I signed something I didn't read, which is a reflection of the state of shock I'm still in, but I think I agreed to hire a general contractor to deal with all the B.S. attendant upon rebuilding house and backyard, as opposed to a contract selling my parrot into green slavery or something.

Everything you ever heard about contractors is true. They turn up hours late and tear up all your greenery. Yesterday, they finally showed up around 6 P.M. or so and put plywood over the holes in the roof, then covered the plywood with a better grade of tarp. Then they went home, after promising to appear today to remove the debris starting at 10 A. M. They actually appeared today around 4:30 and removed the sodden carpet in my office.

Nothing else is scheduled to happen until contractor and insurance adjuster meet and hash out the money. I can see already that this is going to be a loooonnnnngggg drawn-out process.

On the bright side, although I didn't do the jello shots since I didn't want to be silly when the insurance adjuster stopped by, I did manage to fix the barbecued ribs for the Fourth and they weren't half-bad if I do say so myself. I also noted more Mississippi kites circling over the house. I've noticed a lot of humongous golden and even a few lipstick red dragonflies around the house over the last few days, and I wonder if the kites are taking the dragonflies. Despite the disaster and the loss of the oak tree, I'm still seeing the same bird life -- the Mocker parent (presumably the male) with the loud fledglings, the gang of male and juvenile male Common Grackles, and many appearances of an immature/female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird at the back feeder, which is, for now, the only remaining feeder, since the hummingbird garden proper has been demolished.

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