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pink versus peach

2014-12-14 - 1:57 p.m.

Got another two night free stay from IHG, this time with a suite upgrade, in New Iberia, so we had another quick getaway. Unbelievably beautiful blue weather the whole weekend, especially considering it's December. On Friday, we timed it so that we could enjoy a picnic at Avery Island. Later, we took a stroll along Bayou Teche and around the historical district of New Iberia. The hotel was in an industrial area, so all the restaurants around it were chains, but DH knew the tricks from work. Evidently at this particular chain, if you eat at the bar, the food and the drinks were $5. So the price was right.

On Saturday we went back to the Farmer's Market, which was maybe a tad smaller than I expected, but I did pickup some local raw honey. Then we headed out to Jefferson Island. It has changed a bit over the years. The previous owner had a variety of ornamental fowl on the property. Now it's just peafowl and domestic ring-necked doves from before, but they've also added a room of bird rescue parrots. Some beautiful birds there, including some Galahs...

The house was all decorated for Christmas with Victorian ornaments, so it was even more striking than usual. However, they no longer allow you to climb the stairs to the upper floors. Fire codes or some such...

Afterward we took a drive out to Cypremort Park. The Roseate Spoonbills, the best birds of the day, were foraging in a ditch near the road just outside. So beautiful.

In the evening, we went to see the lighted boat parade at Delcambre, which was followed up by some very dramatic and colorful fireworks. I'd brought some Bourbon Ball mix and some milk, as well as my martini shaker, so when we got back to the hotel suite, I whipped up a few Bourbon Balls to put a fine finish on the evening.

We took the scenic route back in the morning. I didn't really keep a bird list, but we saw a decent variety of raptors -- Northern Harrier, both vultures, American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawk. I only saw one Bald Eagle, but it was a fine adult, sitting out high on a cypress tree to regard its swamp, so it was a nice sight.

Now that I'm home, Nyota has been rattling her doors and windows as a not-too-subtle hint to take her out for some exercise. So I'm off to do that.


So it has come to this...I have just viewed a video book trailer...for a fanfiction. I'm not sure I asked Google to hunt down fanfics for me, but apparently they took this on themselves.

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