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upside-down in the mirror of life

2013-10-18 - 11:12 a.m.

Huge day yesterday. Took advantage of the beautiful weather to stroll along the water and then over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito.

The theme of the trip seems to be wretched excess, and there we found the costly restaurant overlooking the harbor. Tucked in among poseurs, horny couples, and women who lunch, we fit right in as we indulged in a two-hour lunch complete with a bottle of Siete Fincas Malbec which was, I must say, probably only six or seven times the price it was back in Argentina. Which isn't to say that it was really all that outrageous, all things considered. Less than $40, if I recall correctly?

The rich ladies who smuggled in a purse dog (only revealed after they'd finished dining and demanded separate checks for the salad they split, making it pointless to evict them at that point) were certainly a highlight of the human entertaiment.

And the dude from Atlanta who told the much older, evidently much richer lady that he was married and so hadn't had sex for years...hint, hint, lady, I'm for sale...was fairly funny.

However, by far the best show was put on by this model-looking chick. Did you know that even though you're eating nothing but lettuce leaves and drinking nothing but water it's necessary from time to time to put your finger in your mouth and then sort of slowly lick it off? Her target didn't stand a chance.

We saw them again later on the Sausalito ferry, where I overheard her inform him that the weather (70 degrees, breezy, and beautiful) meant that they would be taking a taxi, not public transportation. Something tells me this dude will be buying a lot of taxis. Heh.

Back to the room for a nap, and then we headed out to the adult night at the Exploratium. There was some guy set up there doing a wine tasting/sales thing, so we got right back in the spirit of things. I got a little freaked out by the famous mirror. Don't want to talk about it. Maybe later. We went out on the observatory and watched the Bay Bridge do its light show under a full moon. We did science experiments. We saw lasers and magic shows. I went spinning around on something designed to make you dizzy and got dizzy(er). We did a lie detector game, which proved that DH couldn't tell when I had Aces but I could tell when he did. Wheeee.

I think we may have gotten a little lost heading back but, if so, it wasn't seriously lost. And the weather was cool and beautiful for a stroll.

The bus crowd at night was a lot more subdued than the bus crowd during the day. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Notable: The old Scottish dude in a full kilt with face tattoos. I mean A LOT of face tattoos.

I thought the mirror would cause bad dreams, and it did. But I didn't see the mirror in the dream, as I feared. Instead, I was in some sort of tunnel in Pakistan searching for some missing person. I found the missing person. Considering she'd been missing for decades, you won't be surprised to learn that she was quite ancient and had gone native.

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