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vodka, bourbon, vodka, bourbon, rye, rum, rum

2014-12-24 - 11:39 a.m.

I snagged a couple more comped hotel rooms in the French Quarter for Monday and Tuesday. I even got the balcony room upgrade. It turned out to be a rainy two days so it was pretty much all party all the time.

On Monday, when we first checked in, it was still reasonably dry, so we had the frosty drink on our balcony. Then we migrated to the Richard Fiske martini bar to enjoy the happy hour. I believe DH sampled the Sazerac and the $3 traditional martini, completely with the bartender splashing vermouth in the glass and then sloshing it back out before he mixed the drink. I was trying to pace myself, so I made a very tasty Espresso martini last. There were three lucky coffee beans floating on top. Whee.

Speaking of floating, we made a wrong turn someplace and ended up at Restaurant August a few minutes late. But all was well, and our romantic table for two was still there. My before dinner drink was something like a mint julep only with a dash of satsuma in it -- very tasty, very strong.

The amuse was served in an eggshell and had a very long description. Sort of a custard involving parmesan and much, much more. All I really can tell you is that it was heavenly.

My appetizer was the foie gras and duck confit, followed by the crispy snapper with the oyster pan roast. By then, I should have been stuffed, but I'm afraid I was naughty and followed up with a Lemon Drop martini and a Meyer's Lemon souffle with rosemary ice cream on the side.

I'm not saying some of the tourists dressed down, but in my white and black beaded dress and DH in his jacket, we were the most formally dressed people in Restaurant August. Maybe the well-dressed crowd dines a little later.

We strolled back to the martini bar where DH taste-tested one of the bartender's inventions while I enjoyed another Lemon Drop. There was also live music, but it was live Christmas music so it wasn't really my style. I certainly enjoyed the alcohol and conversation though. DH has some exciting ideas coming up for the New Year.

It was very wet and foggy on Tuesday morning, but I had a plan, and the plan involved Stanley's crispy oysters and Irish Whiskey Milkshake. Heh. In the afternoon, we took the Algiers ferry over to visit J. Then back to the Quarter to visit the famous Latitude 29 Tiki Bar, where the server showed us all the old Bali Hai memorabilia and we tasted a wide variety of old-fashioned Tiki drinks. I had three -- Snow Leopard (a modern white rum drink), Tokyo Daiquiri, and Bandicoot (a dessert drink with macadamia nut, coconut milk, and Kona liqueur). DH tried Bird with Crystal Wings (a modern rum drink), Navy Grog, and Fog Cutter. The last two were traditional recipes, down to the tubular triangle of ice in the Navy Grog.

This morning it was blue and sunny, so I enjoyed my coffee and some of J's brownies on the balcony for breakfast before we headed back to the other side of the lake.

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