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from queens to seattle

2012-05-24 - 12:42 p.m.

reservoir view at central 

park, those reeds hold an adult black-crowned 

night heron
© 2012 by elaine radford

Argh. The mystery of the missed bird tour is solved. I went to the Tuesday meet-up spot. Perversely, the tour met at the Wednesday meet-up spot. Probably because it was Wednesday. Heh. At least the lovely and talented Canada Warbler takes pity on idiots.

The dinner at the Thai restaurant was, I think, a great success. We ended up with 5 people, a better size than the Vegas dinner I attended back in the day. Wonderful food. We shared such dishes as Seafood Mango Salad, Crispy Duck, some kind of Thai fish cake with hot sauce, a seafood soup, a chicken curry. The poor lady who had the seafood allergy had to step carefully in that crowd. Also, and here's the humor element, there was some obscure New York regulation regarding BYOB such that you could only BYOB if you put it in a water bottle and pretended it was water and generally tried to CYA for the restaurant owner. So it was pretty funny eating the spicy Thai hot peppers, chugging a huge glass of ice water, and then pouring the wine right back into the same (plastic) cup. Very atmospheric, if you have a more unusual definition of atmosphere. A real New York experience, I'm sure. Or at least a real Queens experience. I really enjoyed looking out of the apartment to see the skyline of Manhattan on one side and all the green to the other side.

I didn't sleep well, since I had to leave so early and, per usual, I had nightmares thinking I would miss my plane. No problems. I got a cheap car service to JFK and went to Terminal 2, where it was all Delta Priorities all the time. I couldn't check in, and the Delta clerk couldn't check me in at the kiosk, but she finally broke down, went behind the desk, and got her done. Then on to the club. I asked for a Bailey's and coffee. The bartender, aghast, pointed to the cappucino machine and said that Bailey's would not be served until 8 AM, long after my flight had departed. Uh oh. I think I have scandalized the New Yorkers with our free-thinking Southern attitudes toward alcohol.

Two of us survived the reckless cancellation spree to make the May 24 flight out. It is sold as a direct flight, but it stops in Seattle. Since it is sold as JFK- KIX, then they don't give any upgrades to humble golds. Fortunately, I had an exit row. Wheeee. The winds were at our back, and we landed 45 minutes early. You know the rest. There's never a gate at the ready when you land early. But eventually we did make it off the plane, and now we're in the club, drinking the frosty adult beverage and getting our electronics charged. Next Stop: Osaka. Stay tuned.

the ravine in nyc's city 


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