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2012-05-25 - 2:11 p.m.

As I went over my photos in the clubroom, I was surprised to see that I did catch a small photo of the Blue Angels flying in formation over the Staten Island Ferry the other day. A second glass of SkyClub Pinot Grigio and then we were off to find our gate. I was in an Economy Comfort exit row seat with no one seated next to me, so I had all kinds of room. The only hitch was that there was the kind of armrest that doesn't go down between the seats, so I had to kind of pad my legs with my pillows to be able to keep my feet elevated.

So...SEA to KIX. This flight had all kinds of room. I don't think Delta was responsible for cancelling all those cheap tickets. Something is better than nothing for them, right? I think the travel agency thought better of the hole they were digging for themselves, if my Delta receipt (which appears to be for more than I actually paid) tells any story. In any case, there was another empty EC row in front of me, and the flight attendants were kept hopping to keep freeloaders from introducing themselves into the EC seats.

Drinks, lots of drinks. The red wine was abysmal, and I actually tossed most of it down the lav. Sorry, guys. From there, it was either Bailey's or white wine. There wasn't much food, but all I was doing was drinking and napping and sometimes reading my book, so there wasn't much need for calories. I was a little shocked at the tiny size of the lunch servings though. At some point they did bring around an old-fashioned ice cream sandwich, like we used to eat as kids. OK. I ate that. Then, later, a MacDonald's like breakfast sandwich. Didn't even bother to open that.

At the KIX airport now, they take your mugshot and a couple of fingerprints. Poor J. looked startled and shuffled his papers for a bit, then emerged to say, "I've never been fingerprinted before." I laughed and said, "No comment."

I tried to find a club at KIX, but no joy. We found our check-in counter, where I asked the clerk for an aisle seat. She didn't understand what I asked and agreed that I could get on the 7:55 flight, saving me a couple of hours of hanging around. J. was right there, and I quickly asked if he could get on the earlier flight as well.

At some point, before we had to pass through security again, J. wanted to smoke a cigarette, so we went outside, where it said No Smoking. I pointed to the Smoking Room, which was a room about the size of a closet jam-packed with Japanese men enslaved to the evil weed. I think it might have been enough to convince me to quit smoking right then and there, but he braved the Smoking Room and returned, announcing that his heart was racing. Talk about a nicotine jolt.

We also withdrew money, much too much money, for the length of the trip in question. He got 40,000 yen so I figured OK, 40,000 yen, that's what I'll get too. Peer pressure, I guess. Oh well, I can always change back the leftovers.

Since I had refused the breakfast, I had some OK noodle soup with pork in it at the airport. J. stuck with the beer. Hmm. I may have had a beer myself. Then the short flight KIX-HND. Thank goodness it was short, as I was wedged in a middle seat. J. had the window, I'm pretty sure they think he was my son. Anyhoo, the clerks completely filled the plane. J. conked out immediately, and I'm pretty sure I snoozed myself, because it seemed like they announced that we were landing almost before any time had passed. No gate. We got a bus, which in the nature of things, dropped me off at the wrong terminal, and J. headed off to find his train. Me, I stumbled around a bit, finally found terminal 1, and got washed up in my little capsule hotel. Don't worry. My little "first class" capsule hotel for ladies. It is not really a capsule. There's all kinds of room. There even appears to be free wi-fi, since I paid cash and now I'm (presumably) uploading this thrilling report to the fabulous interwebs.

I was jet-lagged and stumbling and making no sense when I came here, but I woke up stone cold awake at around 3:15 AM or so. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I thought I would catch up on my trip report. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled nap in just a few moments...

I tried to snap a photo of the PJs that they include with the room. They're pretty ridiculous looking, some black capri pants that are over-the-knee on me and tie at the waist. A "matching" or would that be "clashing" brown shirt.

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