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Life birds of Panama early May 2019

2019-05-11 - 9:13 a.m.

Lifers of the Panama Raptor Expedition 2019

Peachfront's Note:  This is far away from my complete list of birds seen, which I may post in a later update.

Life birds in BOLD

Raptors seen this trip:
  1. Turkey Vulture
  2. Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
  3. Black Vulture
  4. King Vulture
  5. Pearl Kite
  6. Hook-billed Kite
  7. Swallow-tailed Kite
  8. White-tailed Kite
  9. CRESTED EAGLE – a life-changing experience of seeing the devoted male deliver prey (a spiny anteater youngster) and call and search persistently to locate the recently fledgled youngster
  10. HARPY EAGLE― three separate encounters, a large perched female seen on the boat on the Crested Eagle day, a second encounter when a female was spotted & chased by a Common Black-Hawk defending its fledged young & the Harpy ended up hanging around our area, the third was at the nest site where we witnessed the newly fledged bird practicing its new flying skills
  11. Black Hawk-Eagle-- a good showing around the Darien tent camp
  12. Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle – this bird at its best perched crest up for a fine showing, then mobbed by three Swallow-tailed Kites who forced the bird to fly over us for great in flight views
  13. Double-toothed Kite
  14. PLUMBEOUS HAWK-- spectacular calling bird seen well both days, with a second calling bird hidden nearby (a nest?)
  15. Common Black-Hawk – a species that fears no Harpy, apparently
  16. Savanna Hawk
  17. Roadside Hawk
  18. White Hawk – a pair and later a spare
  19. SEMIPLUMBEOUS HAWK-- not easy to find but eventually we met a fine, showy calling bird who perched well and hung around
  20. Gray-lined Hawk-- a pair, actually I neglected to put it on my list even though I've seen it before in Bolivia so my list thinks it's a new lifer
  21. Short-tailed Hawk
  22. Zone-tailed Hawk
  23. RED-THROATED CARACARA-- easy bird, appeared as soon as we stumbled out of the van at Darien camp
  24. Crested Caracara
  25. Yellow-headed Caracara
  26. Laughing Falcon
  27. Barred Forest Falcon-- last raptor of the trip, a shy bird who took some work before we saw it emerge (briefly) from the shadows to get a great full look
  28. American Kestrel
  29. Bat Falcon-- a pair snoozing in the rain
  30. Peregrine Falcon-- pairs of late migrants seen moving from Burbayar Lodge

The complete list of life bird species seen in roughly the order first seen:

  1. Plumbeous Hawk – great start to the trip, a rare & little known bird with no known observed nests found in short order
  2. Black-breasted Puffbird
  3. Pied Puffbird
  4. Tropical Gnatcatcher
  5. Mottled Owl
  6. Scaly-breasted Hummingbird
  7. Band-rumped Swift
  8. Red-throated Caracara
  9. Pale-bellied Hermit
  10. Crested Eagle
  11. Golden-Collared Manakin
  12. Harpy Eagle
  13. Semiplumbeous Hawk
  14. Black-Chested Jay
  15. Whooping Motmot
  16. Black Oropendula
  17. Tropical Screech-Owl
  18. Buff-rumped Warbler
  19. Dusky-faced Tanager
  20. Gray-Lined Hawk – only a technical lifer in that I forgot to add it to my list when I observed it previously – perhaps the old “lump” with Gray Hawk hadn't been overturned at that point
  21. Cocoa Woodcreeper-a special one on one close encounter

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