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spiderweb jasper, those oolite eyes, bureaucrats gone mad, and a special hummingbird in the turk's cap

2013-01-04 - 7:21 a.m.

What a day of ups and downs.

Got an urgent email from S. that the government of Argentina has cracked down on people just showing up and paying for their entry fee at the airport in EZE. You have to pay online, print out a scannable ticket, or else supposedly they retain the right to send you back. Of course, you can instantly see the problem with this cool plan. I has no printer, ya'll. Moan and groan. I wasn't sure what to do but I finally screenshotted the ticket and then Dropboxed it to Roger so he could print it out at his office. He checked the print-outs with one of their scanners to make sure they scan. Whew.

Every evening, I work Nyota with DH, so that she has an opportunity to go back and forth to somebody besides me. To prevent her from flying into Cookie's cage instead, I cover it while I'm rehearsing her. Well, and don't ask me how, last night she somehow found a gap in the covers and flew in to join him. Cookie was very courtly with her and even used his beak not to drive her off the territory but to gently turn away the stick perch I offered to get her to come back out. However, it's pretty clear that I can't allow a lovebird to continue to enter an Amazon cage. His tolerance and even his affection for her have been wonderful to see, but it goes against the Amazon nature to tolerate intrusions on his personal territory forever. In the future, she will simply not be able to come out when she's in the same room with Cookie. Sigh.

Final sigh of the day: Nope, my computer keyboard has failed the final test. It doesn't work at all. I hate to go back to scribbling handwritten notes for my trip diary. I have officially been spoiled.

Got a visit from D. of the Rock Tumbling Hobby forum. He brought along some spectacular chunks with sawed faces to show off the material. Absolutely marvelous, top notch stuff. I felt a bit embarrassed that I had asked him to take a look at my estate sale rock tables, but he did find a few items that he could use. When I return from Argentina, I can't wait to get my new grinding wheel and finish up a few cabs. Especially the spiderweb stuff. Lord, it's amazing.

He has also started working in silver and showed off a beautiful hammered piece. Trouble is...if I held my silver 20 years and never got around to working it when silver was at its low in historical prices, I don't see the point in taking up the hobby now. I've decided to focus on the stones themselves. But it's good to know more metal workers. Maybe there are more swaps in our future!

Hey, guess who just peeked in my window as I was typing this. Two points if you guessed female/immature Black-chinned Hummingbird pumping her tail to beat the band.

I hate to be one of those guys who take down their Christmas lights before Twelfth Night, but I don't want to leave the chore to DH while he's busy trying to help out his dad, so I went ahead and took them down last night. Cookie's gonna cry. We're all gonna cry. How can Christmas be over already? It seems like it all went back in a blink. However, it ended with a bang, considering this year's spectacular rock swap. I just hope D. gets some good cabs out of his choices.

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