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i haven't cracked birds of europe in ages, oh boy, maybe on the plane whilst sipping the adult bevvie

2014-03-02 - 9:43 a.m.

I'm at the airport. AA's first class line was impressively slow but I can't really blame them, since evidently a bunch of flights through their Dallas hub were delayed or cancelled. A lady ahead of me in line called her friends who were driving back to Arkansas, since it would be quicker than flying back via Dallas. So far my flight is said to be on time but I won't be happy until I actually see my plane at the gate.

Yesterday I got my copy of If on a winter's night a traveler... so I also bought and downloaded the soundtrack album the sensitive musician wrote for it. I read on amazon that this music is also good for reading other books...however, the book I just started was some Dorsey silliness suitable for an airplane, so I'm pretty sure it isn't right for that.

An old boy in the first class line yelled at some good old boys for line-jumping. They had not jumped the line. It was just taking the clerks a really long, long time to get them reticketed and they kept walking around and I guess it looked bad. The old boy also yelled at "you ladies" for allowing the alleged line-jumping. The other "ladies" were some young student types who apparently rarely flew and didn't seem to know what's going on. So I felt obligated to speak up and say, "Everything's under control." One of the yelled-at good old boys was almost in tears. "Just let me pay for my ticket, please," he said.

I wonder why people can't figure out that people in the first class line might, you know, be in first class rather than line-jumpers. And even if they are line-jumpers, let the staff say something. Members of the public don't need to be playing referee in a crowded situation.

So anyway I'm so glad I'm not flying through Dallas. Ugh. Just pray the bad weather and bad tempers stay away from Miami.

Oh, and I guess I don't get the TSA precheck with American Airlines. Well, I already knew from the bag destroying Bolivia trips that AA has a certain sense of skepticism about me.


I'm in an Admirals Club at Miami. It turns out I would have had time to take a shower here, and maybe I will, but I already took one this morning, and even I don't feel completely begrimed by other people's dirty auras after a 90 minute flight in a first class aisle seat. So...AA MSY to MIA. Predeparture drink choice was water or OJ. No meal service, no snack basket, just a package of pretzel thingys. However, they did have Bailey's on the rocks, so there you go.

I got a free ticket for one free "premium" drink in the club, so I told the bartender to pick something. I think he picked the same Pinot Grigio I got last time. Maybe that's the default old white lady drink. There are also free drinks but I don't think I want to get tooooo toasted before I board my business class flight to MAD.

FAs must love the liberalized cell phone rules. Everyone in first was sunk into listening to their cell phone, which caused them to miss numerous opportunities for pretzels and drinks. Even I didn't feel like taking out my earbuds to order another drink.

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