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a new van and a great diaryland experience

2003-05-10 - 4:49 p.m.

A big thank you to Ms. Leslie: I just have to link here to the great story of this nifty old van. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We're looking forward to getting it back on the road to enjoy some new adventures.

Breakfast: Cinnamon-crusted bread pudding made from whole wheat bread, applesauce from a Fuji apple, half a cup of raisins, a teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of Old Crow bourbon. I have a rapidly developing theory that the bourbon you choose to drink is not the same as the bourbon you wish to subject to tons of sugar. The Old Crow did me proud in the pecan pie, and it did me proud this morning in the bread pudding. I started with the recipe in the cookbook that D's father wrote and changed it around based on what I had in the kitchen. I'm not sure he would approve, since he clearly stated "1 teaspoon vanilla or bourbon," but the result was wonderful.

I drank fennel seed tea with lots of milk, and I think my thoughts are less cranked-up today, so I guess I'm back to completely avoiding caffeine, at least for a few days.

I discovered a palm-sized turtle soaking in the pond when I went to service the pump this morning. Its shell was vividly marked with thick yellow stripes about an inch long. A real beauty. I wanted to photograph him, but I turned my head and somehow he slipped off without being seen.

Later we went over to diarylander diarist Ms. Leslie's to pick up the van. We tried to give it a jump on the off-chance that it would start easily, but ended up calling AAA to tow it home. Heck, they owe us a few free tows, as it seems we haven't been towed in years.

The van looks like it will be the perfect thing to fix up for our birding trips. Very roomy and well-maintained. If you're reading this, thank you so much, Leslie. I still can't get over her kindness and generosity. This isn't some piece of junk. It has the makings of a very nice recreational/camping vehicle. Already I am starting to get pictures in my mind of various road trips. I don't care if it is a station wagon, a Toyota Corolla just doesn't have room for all the comforts of home.

She lives in the new part of the same complex where D. used to live, so driving over, we kept thinking how many times we'd driven that path. The new units are much nicer though. D. didn't have a fireplace.

We really enjoyed meeting her and seeing her pictures from Thailand. Her recovery seems to be going extremely well, and I got a kick out of seeing pictures from such a different part of the world.

The Chickadee family just dropped by while I was typing. It's so funny to watch them scuffle over each other at the suet and finch feeders.

In a little while, I am thinking of pouring a jigger of Knob Creek 9 year old "small batch" bourbon over shaved ice and finishing with a sprig of Orange Mint from my garden. After all, I should celebrate my new acquisition and the Old Crow must be reserved for future baking emergencies.

Hummingbird Report: An adult female is sitting out there now. Another hummer zipped past too fast to be identified.

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