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flashback: treasure island, vegas, late summer 2001

2004-05-16 - 11:49 a.m.

sinking of the brit battleship at treasure island, vegas
© 2001 by Elaine Radford and Roger Williams

Note: This review is based on a visit around late August/early September 2001. This trip represented one of the few times that Roger was able to join me for a full-blast, no-holds-barred junket with limo pick-up, unrestricted RFB, and spa including massage. Our VIP invitation to the grand opening of the Venetian was another, but I haven't yet told that story online. This review was originally published on my old Rockin' High Roller website.

Ah, good old Treasure Island, where there are battles (weather permitting) several times a night between pirates and a British warship, and we get to see a British captain go down with his sinking ship...and then come up sputtering. This photograph of the battle was taken from the Buccaneer Bay Club, which is the gourmet room overlooking the pirate battle. We asked for an early reservation and a window table so that we could take photographs, and it worked out beautifully. A lot better than fighting the teeming masses (and the pickpockets!) down below.

Here's our suite at Treasure Island:

suite at treasure island, vegas

I think it's the only suite I've ever stayed in that had only one TV. Come on, guys! TVs are cheap these days, haven't you heard?

Not a bad view, though.

night scene from treasure island, vegas

And great "his" and "hers" bathrooms, with plenty of room to spread out. They lose points for not having telephones by the toilets, though. Here's the hot tub in "her" bathroom.

hot tub in her bathroom

For a giggle we photographed the room rate on the back of the door. Are we supposed to believe that anyone ever paid this rate? I mean, aren't you guys always giving out internet coupons for $79 a night? I guess we VIPs are supposed to be thinking, wow, I lost all my money but I at least a got a thousand-dollar suite. The host did throw in a nice gift basket and $100 in free spa services, so I better not laugh too loud.

room rate card at treasure island -- fiction, science fiction

No alcohol in that super-healthy gift basket, though:

gift from host at treasure island, vegas

My honest opinion of Treasure Island? This is still one of the best places to get free RFB, limo, show tickets, spa, and you don't have to put out as much action as you do at Mandalay Bay or maybe some of the newer places around. As of my last visit, you could use your RFB at Mirage restaurants and bars as well as at Treasure Island, so you have a very wide selection of restaurants to choose from. And the hosts seem eager to get your business. However, the pit bosses don't seem comfortable with high rollers. In fact, I get the impression that Treasure Island is where MGM Mirage Resorts puts the employees who can't keep a poker face and can't stop from breaking out into a sweat at the sight of real money. With a top-ranked show (Mystere) and some excellent restaurants (Buccaneer Bay, Francesca's), they have what it takes to please a high-end crowd if they would just relax. No one likes to feel that the supervisor's kids will go to bed hungry if you win one bet. If the pit was as classy as marketing and the hosts, this place would put most if not all of the newer resorts to shame.

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